Mike of Big Mike's Pie stall is a friendly hippopotamus who run's a pie stand outside of Danger HQ and is regularly visited by the main cast as his pies are renown. So much so the Colonel K considers his stand the greatest achievement the UK has to over the world.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Mike is an round sized hippo. He wears a yellow shirt, brown pants, black shoes, red apron, black belly bag, Tyrolean hat, along with a pair black spectacles.


Mike's pie stall

Mike runs the pie stand next to HQ and is highly appreciated by the hero's as Danger Mouse considers his ham pies to be legendary and even villains like Greenback seem to love his pies, and when he wasn't running his pie store his absence was felt by Danger Mouse. He seems to take great pride in his pie's and anytime his pies are complemented his poses proudly. He is also seen as friendly by his customer and most were shocked when Mike was zapped by Birch's rudeness waves, as he's usually calm and polite.

Big Mike's PiesEdit

Big Mike's pies are made only by him. While people believe they are nice, some of them contain shampoo, scissors and hair! Mike says how his pies only contain 3% maximum of meat, with the other 97% being whatever he has.


  • His pie's are considered legendary not only by Danger Mouse, but by most of the UK and the entire Danger Agency.
  • Big Mike play's a minor role in the TV series, so most of the information we know is from Danger Mouse Magazine.
  • He has been heard talking only 4 times, (in The Other Day The Earth Stood Still, Jeopardy Mouse, Dark Dawn, and a Fear to Remember) all of which times his voice was provided by Ed Gaughan.