Isambard King Kong Brunel's Island is an island owned by Brunel where he resides and where he keeps his runaway failed experiments. There is also an active volcano on the island though as of "The Admirable Penfold" the volcano was removed.

Physical Appearance Edit

Brunel's island resembles that of a typical island, with lots of wild life, rocks, and an active volcano.

Uses Edit

Brunel's island was described as a place for run away experiments gone wrong in it's debut. Though it seems Brunel lives in a shack he built there as well, as shown in "The Admirable Penfold" and "Tomorrow Never Comes".

Appearances Edit

  • Big Penfold
  • Tomorrow never comes
  • The Admirable Penfold

Trivia Edit

  • It's unknown how Brunel found this island
  • "The Admirable Penfold" is the only episode where the island plays a major role while Brunel was resided to a small cameo.