The Womablid Custard Mite of Glut is an alien lifeform (presumably an insect from his appearance) who travels the universe in search of planets rich in custard for him to consume. He has a tremendous appetite and has been seen to be able to consume custard from a planet in mere minutes depending on its size.

The Mite encountered Danger Mouse and Penfold on another planet where they were being held captive by a race of hostile one-eyed aliens. They were placed in a prison cell flooded with custard, and just when it looked like they would drown, the Mite appeared and quickly ate all of the custard, saving them. Danger Mouse told the Mite of the massive custard floods on Earth caused by Baron Greenback and asked for his help. The Mite eagerly agreed and aided Danger Mouse and Penfold in escaping. Once on Earth, the Mite set to work consuming all of the custard, saving the planet from further disaster. He then returned to space, contented and very, very full.