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Danger Mouse is the main protagonist and hero on the CBBC program by the same name. World renown as the world's greatest secret agent, he strives to make the world a better place by apprehending all the criminals and wrong doers of the world.

Physical Appearance[]

DM's side profile.

Danger Mouse is a thin and tall figure, who wears an all white jump suit, with a small D.M. logo on his chest. He also wears an eye patch.


Danger Mouse is a head strong individual, as his main motivation for becoming a Danger Agent is to make a world a safer place, a task he's so dedicated to, that he'd have no issue put down his life for the sake of the world's or even London's safety (As revealed in “No More Mr Ice Guy”)

Despite this, he's very prideful about his job, which usually leads to many riding him off as an egotistical goof. This can also lead to him underestimating his foes or overestimating his abilities such as when Isambard King Kong Brunel was about to go and pollute the time stream, Danger Mouse (despite being free from his restraints) waited to the last possible minute to take him out as he thought he could handle the little simian, giving Brunel a huge advantage. Though as the show goes on, he does gradually learn to be less egotistical.

He also shown to have a soft spot for his best friend & sidekick Ernest Penfold; despite having any arguments, he deeply cares for him & is very fond of him.


  • In the 2015 TV series, there’s an episode called ‘The World Wide Spider’ which reveals that Danger Mouse suffered from arachnophobia (fear of spiders) although he didn’t mind small spiders until Penfold helps him face his fear at the end of the episode.
  • He used to dislike musicals after he humiliated himself as shown during a flashback in the 20 minute special ‘Melted’ until the end of the episode.
  • He's a huge fan of clowns, and can't help but laugh at the sight of one.
  • While he has a rather large list of rouges, he considers his arch enemy to be Baron Silas Von Greenback .
  • Danger Mouse’s passport lists Penfold as his spouse.


Really, Penfold?


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