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Danger Mouse is the world's greatest secret agent. Under the direction of Colonel K, the head of the Danger agency, DM and his fearfully faithful assistant Penfold, tackle the various criminal schemes of the villainous toad Baron Silas Greenback.

Physical Appearance[]

Danger Mouse is a thin and tall mouse who wears an all white jump suit with a small D.M logo on his chest. He also wears an eye patch and has a right eye with a yellow sclera and black pupil.


Unlike his reboot counterpart, Danger Mouse displays a more professional side when his career is concerned. His charm usually lies within his ability to complete his missions with the upmost maturity as well as judgement. Throughout the majority of said missions, he'll often make witty remarks about The Baron and inform Penfold to shush when he begins to ramble on or panic at the sight of danger (something he's relatively used to due to his occupation). In most cases, he remains calm, collected and vigilant of his surroundings, making him the ideal agent for the job.

Danger Mouse - despite enjoying the thrill of hazardous situations - does also tend to unwind and relax his nerves by committing to: meditation, yoga, weight-lifting (or training in general) and running baths. In other instances, Penfold and him enjoy drinking tea whilst reminiscing on previous experiences with villains.

There will only be the rare occasion where Danger Mouse might become too frightful to commit to the mission entirely. This and accidentally let the villains he's supposed to capture escape to reek havoc on London again. However, he'll make up for this in future episodes when these moments occur.


  • In the episode "Multiplication Fable", Danger Mouse realizes that the Ticklehipos are attracted/hypnotized by dancing.
    • To try and attract the creatures' attention, Penfold and Danger Mouse begin to dance with Penfold attempting to tap-dance whilst Danger Mouse performs a flamenco-inspired dance (further proving his more mature side).
  • He'll often tell Penfold to shush or calm him down with some aggression (if Penfold ignores him or causes the situation to escalate).
    • Still, Danger Mouse will usually treat Penfold similar to that of a scared child (showing his more subtle concern towards his co-worker whilst trying to remain professionally).
  • There's no official confirmation about his parents. But, they seem to have been involved with a secret agency (presumably the Danger Agency) as confirmed by the producers of the show.