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NDM S02E45 The Last Giraffe Warrior

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Danger at C Level is the 2nd episode of the Danger Mouse 2015 reboot.

Synopsis (from Wikipedia)Edit

Penfold's sick of getting injured on missions, so Danger Mouse agrees to take him on holiday. But then mutant sea monsters start to menace the world and Danger Mouse must decide between his mission and his friend.


  • When Penfold is captured, Baron Greenback does not recognise him and states he is "a hamster", and not "Penfold". This is weird considering their history.
  • When Penfold is captured, he is in his beach clothes. He is taken by a Hammerhead Prawnapus with only his video game and hat. Although, when Danger Mouse gets to the ship to rescue him, Penfold has somehow got back into his blazer, tie, shirt and regular shoes without a hat. This is impossible, and clearly not meant.