Delilah von Greenback is the daughter of Baron Silas von Greenback, and occasional an enemy of Danger Mouse.

Physical Appearance Edit

Delilah is Greenback's daughter, as such the resemblance between the two is strong. She is short with orange hair.She usually wears a skirt, blue dress shirt and red tie.

Personality Edit

Unlike her father, Delilah is a shy and humble individual prone to stuttering. She's usually respectful, trying her best to not rub anyone the wrong way.

That being said, her shy and humility traits mask a truly evil child. When she feels it's just, she will gladly go to evil lengths to achieve her goal. In this sense she does take after her father, as she was once willing to murder the Queen of Goldlandia, Danger Mouse, Penfold, and even her own father just to inherit Goldlandia's riches. An act that made her evil father proud.

Relationships Edit

Baron Silas von Greenback Edit

Greenbacks Hug

Greenback is Delilah's father, and despite what most would think, is genuinely fatherly towards Delilah. Delilah, while doesn't think less of him for being evil, has made it clear that she (at first) didn't want to be an evil conquer like her father. Something Greenback came to understand and was genuinely apologetic for not realizing it sooner. Greenback love's his daughter relentlessly, as Delilah is one of two living things he ever shows affection toward (the other being Nero). Even after attempting to murder him, Greenback still loved her, and even admitted he was proud of her for committing an evil act as following him in his footsteps is something he would like for her (but knows he can't force it on her).

Despite her verbal protests, Delilah loves her father dearly as well, and when Greenback became and all powerful monster thanks to The Helmet of Power in "We aren't Family" she knocked it off of him due to fear of losing her only family she has left. Something that touched Greenback's cold heart.

Appearances Edit

  • The Confidence Trick 
  • The Toad Who Would Be King 
  • Force of Nature 
  • We Aren't Family 

Trivia Edit

  • It's unknown who exactly Delilah mother is, as it's never been mentioned or shown.
  • She is the third child villain to appear on the show, behind Dawn and Ian.