Frankenstein's Rooster is (despite the name) a creature created by Isambard King Kong Brunel.

Physical Appearance Edit

Frankenstein's Rooster resembles a traditional rooster, except that it's head is a functioning whisk.

Bio Edit

Frankenstein's Rooster was created by Brunel with intent of being able to wake you in the morning (with it's morning clucks) and make you omelets (with it's whisk head). Though was eventually released into Brunel's island, which the Rooster seems to resent Brunel for.

Appearances Edit

Trivia Edit

  • It's unknown what exactly the whisk on it's head is powered by.
  • It's also unknown how it clucks, as it doesn't have a mouth.
  • Out of all Brunel's monsters, Frankenstein's rooster seems to be the nicest as it made easy friends with not only Penfold, but Danger Mouse and Squawkencluck as well, something Tyrannotour-bus Rex couldn't do.