Giant Rubber Duck Mobile is the main vehicle and transport of Count Duckula.

Physical Appearance Edit

As describe by Duckula in it's debut, The Giant Rubber Duck Mobile is a giant bath toy (with the wheels similar to that of a tank). The giant duck like tank is also sporting a purple tie similar to the owner.

Uses Edit

Duckula uses his Giant Rubber Duck Mobile to transport himself from one place to another (Unlike the original Count Duckula, who could just teleport himself wherever he needed), and as shown in "We aren't Family" is perfectly street legal.

Appearances Edit

  • The Duckula Show
  • Mousefall
  • We aren't Family

Trivia Edit

  • This is the second vehicle to be owned by a Count Duckula, the first being a rickety old trailer owned by The 17th Count Duckula from the spin off.
  • The fact that the modern Count needs this vehicle implies that he may not be able to teleport, unlike the original Count Duckula.