Ivana the Invisible is an old foe of Colonel K (then going by Danger K) who speaks with a thick Russian accent.

Physical Appearance Edit

Ivana the Invisible, as her name implies, is invisible and is most often unseen by the viewer. She's only been completely visible once, and as we see, she is a thin bear (or bear like creature) with hair and pointed boots.

Abilities Edit

Invisibility: She is invisible, though it doesn't seem she can turn it on and off.

Weapons Expert: She has shown to be knowledgeable on many weapons and is seen regularly carrying a rocket launcher.

Pilot: She owns an invisible jet plane.

Appearances Edit

  • The Return of Danger K
  • Live and Let Cry
  • Dark Side of the Mouse 

Trivia Edit

  • Similar to another Colonel K foe, The Snowman, just how exactly she gained her abilities remains unknown.