Monsieur Aubrey le Camembear is the french cheese obsessed bear criminal out to steal all the worlds cheese.

Physical Appearance Edit

Monsieur Camembear is a chubby bear with a cliche french mustache. He wears a beret, cheese ear rings, and a cheese coat (he really likes cheese). Underneath this coat is a black and white striped shirt.

Personality Edit

Camembear is cheese obsessed and determined, and whenever he's on screen is usually trying to steal or turn something into cheese. He is however, really corny, and will usually sneak in a cheese pun when talking for a quick laugh.

Appearances Edit

  • Cheesemageddon
  • The Cute Shall Inherit the Earth
  • There's Something about Scarlett

Trivia Edit

  • His name is a play on Camembert (a type of cheese) and bear (his species)