Quark's Space Warehouse is the main lair and product facility used by Quark to help store (and occasionally produce) his latest scam products.

Physical Appearance Edit

Quark's space warehouse is very large by design, with a black coating of paint. The warehouse has a very oval like shape while the sides have a circular shape.

Uses Edit

while having been stated by both Quark and Danger Mouse to be a Space Warehouse, it's been shown that this ship is also capable of producing products as well, such as Danger Mouse and Penfold's clones in "Send in the Clones"

Appearances Edit

  • Send in the Clones
  • All 5 It
  • Dream Worrier
  • Agent 58
  • Ernest Penfold and the Half Price Wand
  • Gold Flinger
  • Day of the Derek
  • Clash of the Odd-esey
  • For Your Insides Only
  • Lost in Exaggeration

Trivia Edit

  • Quark's Space Warehouse design is clearly a parody of the Death Star.
  • While it's never been stated outright it's implied that Quark lives in his space warehouse, such as being found sleeping there in "Gold Flinger"
  • It's been confirmed in both "Dream Worrier" and "Gold Flinger" that he rents his Space Warehouse.
    • It was also revealed in the latter episode that he rents his ship by the hour with no deposit.
  • "For Your Insides Only" is the first (and only) episode where Quark's ship makes an appearance without Quark himself.