The Queen of Weevils is an evil witch from the day's of Merlin, a foe she fought vigorously until he managed to trap her in his staff. She was accidentally released in the present day by Danger Mouse, she then set out to take over the world.

Physical Appearance Edit

The Queen of Weevils is a giant weevil, as such she has a weevil shaped head and wings. Upon the top of her head she wears a crown to signify that she's a queen along with her long green hair.

Personality Edit

The Queen of Weevils is an vengeful witch out to rule the world with her magic. While her motives for world domination remains unclear, she is determined to make the world her own through her magic.

She is very manipulative being able to talk Danger Mouse into admitting his fear, thus getting him turned to stone. She is also absorbent, and was able to realize Danger Mouse was going out of his way to protect Penfold because he feared Ernest getting hurt.

She is also fairly petty, taking glee in any kind of retribution, such as turning The Narrator into a gargoyle for inadvertently ruining her plans.

Appearances Edit

  • Queen of Weevils 
  • The Confidence Trick (Picture Cameo) 
  • Sir Danger De Mouse 
  • A Fear to Remember
  • We aren't Family (Silent Cameo)

Trivia Edit

  • She considers technology false magic, similarly to how Squawkencluck considers magic misunderstood science.
  • Despite Merlin himself appearing in modern day as well, the two have never reunited.
  • She's the only villain to have a grudge against The Narrator, while other villains like Greenback have shown to get annoyed with him (Both in "There's no place like Greenback" and in "Half the World Is Enough"), the Queen is the only villain to go out of her way to exact revenge on The Narrator.