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R010128 Sep. 2015Danger Mouse Begins... AgainDanger Mouse is fired by Colonel K after destroying the whole of London and bankrupting the Secret Service. He is immediately replaced by mechanical Safety Mice invented by the reformed Baron Silas Greenback.
R020229 Sep. 2015Danger at C LevelPenfold insists on a mission free holiday, so DM agrees to go on a cruise. But Baron Greenback has made a machine that morphs ordinary sea creatures into terrifying sea monsters and holds the world to ransom.
R030330 Sep. 2015GreenfingerWhile Professor Squawkencluck is away at the Chicken's of Rock Festival, a small plant in her laboratory grows into a Vicious Scrub and engulfs the entire world because Danger Mouse insists on taking care of it.
R04041 Oct. 2015Planet of the ToiletsPenfold accidentally drops an Aritificial Intelligence Quantum computer chip into a toilet at the Annual Conference of Genius Inventors. This causes it to come alive and start a revolting revolution.
R05052 Oct. 2015Pink DawnA little girl called Dawn has won a competition to spend a day in Professor Squawkencluck's lab. After her tiara and her teddy bear, Mr. Snuggles, fall into a vat of personality amplifying mind gel, they grant Dawn special powers to turn the world into one big pink dream house.
R06065 Oct. 2015Big Head AwakensFed up with Danger Mouse always breaking her gadgets, Professor Squawkencluck has invented HEAD (Headquarters Electronic Assault Defender) security system. But 'Big Head' soon starts to take over all security of Great Britain.
R07076 Oct. 2015The World Wide SpiderWhen Penfold disturbs the World Wide spiderweb that provides the Internet, the giant spider that constructed it becomes angry and attacks the Earth. Unfortunately, Danger Mouse has arachnophobia.
R08087 Oct. 2015The Other Day the Earth Stood StillRed traffic lights pop up all around the world, stopping everyone and everything in their tracks. It's all part of Baron von Greenback's plan to stop the Earth spinning, causing everything to float into space due to a lack of gravity.
R09098 Oct. 2015Welcome to Danger World!Danger Mouse becomes an intergalactic idol thanks to Alien promoter Quark and extra terrestrials begin flocking to the Earth watch him perform.
R10109 Oct. 2015Jeopardy MouseGreenback has stolen a Tectonic Plate Spinner from the U.S. government that can move an entire country to a different location with the touch of a button. Danger Mouse has to work together with his female American counterpart, Jeopardy Mouse.
R111112 Oct. 2015The Return of Danger KBack in 1983 or thereabouts, Agent Danger K defeated Bert Bad Boy, who threatened to destroy the UK with his dreadfully rude behavior. Now, Bad Boy escapes from Arkwright Asylum, steals his megaphone from the top secret Danger Museum and attempts to complete his original plan, but this time expanded to include the entire world.
R121213 Oct. 2015Big PenfoldA colossal meteor is about to destroy the Earth. Professor Squawkencluck proposes to use her Schrinketizer invention to reduce the meteor in size. But the combination of Penfold's inability to catch and Isembard King Kong Brunel's determination to get his hands on the device causes disastrous results.
R131314 Oct. 2015The Unusual SuspectsThere's a leak amongst the Danger Agents and Danger Mouse has to find this traitor before Formula X is stolen out of it's bubble wrapping.
R141415 Oct. 2015Danger FanDanger Mouse's annual Danger Agent assessment day happens to coincide with a visit from the winner of the Danger Mouse fan competition: Ian, the greatest DM collector, ever.
R151516 Oct. 2015Quark GamesQuark has transported Danger Mouse and Jeopardy Mouse (as well as Penfold) to another planet to compete against each other in the first ever trans-galactic battle show: Quark Games.
R16 16 16 Dec. 2015 The Snowman Cometh The Snowman is fed up with Christmas and being made fun of for being considered harmless, so he steals Santa Claus' powerful hat. Danger Mouse and Penfold must get it back in order to save Christmas.
R17 17 15 Feb. 2016 The Inventor Preventer Danger Mouse and Penfold must prevent Isambard King Kong Brunel from travelling back in time and un-inventing the world.
R18 18 16 Feb. 2016 Never Say Clever Again After all the other Danger Agents, and Penfold, become super-intelligent, as a result of eating brainpower-enhancing celery, Danger Mouse considers looking for a new job. However, there is a little hitch in the celery, as Nero, on Greenback's orders, snuck into HQ and his DNA polluted the gene pool.
R19 19 17 Feb. 2016 Sinister Mouse An evil version of Danger Mouse escapes from a parallel dimension, called the Twystyverse, and teams up with Baron von Greenback to defeat his good counterpart.
R20 20 18 Feb. 2016 There's No Place Like Greenback Danger Mouse and Penfold become reluctant surrogate parents to Baron von Greenback, who seems to have accidentally erased his own memory when his latest evil scheme goes wrong.
R21 21 19 Feb. 2016 From Duck to Dawn Count Duckula is back, and he is determined to take over the world, one terrible TV show at a time.
R22 22 22 Feb. 2016 Happy Boom Day Danger Mouse's plans for Professor Squawkencluck's surprise birthday party have to go on hold, when Baron von Greenback unleashes killer birthday presents upon the world.
R23 23 23 Feb. 2016 Frankensquawk’s Monster When Professor Squawkencluck's mother comes to visit HQ, a giant mutant rubbish monster is not too far behind.
R24 24 24 Feb. 2016 Escape from Big Head Professor Squawkencluck attempts to reactivate her "Big Head" security system, but it goes into lock-down once again and imprisons everyone in a maximum-security dungeon.
R25 25 25 Feb. 2016 Megahurtz Attacks A failed attempt to boost Penfold's self-confidence leads to a super-powerful game monster escaping into the real world.
R26 26 26 Feb. 2016 The Hamster Effect To prevent them from ruining his evil plans again, the deranged time-travelling chimp, Brunel, travels back in time to prevent Danger Mouse and Penfold from ever meeting.
R27 27 3 Jun. 2016 The Good, the Baaaaa and the Ugly When Danger Mouse and Penfold are sent on a rescue mission to a mysterious island, Danger Mouse's over-competitiveness borders on criminal.
R28 28 27 Jun. 2016 Attack of the Clowns Danger Mouse's uncontrollable laughter annoys a race of clown aliens, named the Bozorians, so much that they invade Earth!
R29 29 28 Jun. 2016 Cheesemageddon Danger Mouse and the Baron are forced to team up to defeat a villain who is obsessed with cheese, Monsieur Aubrey Le Camembert.
R30 30 29 Jun. 2016 Queen of Weevils Whilst trying to prove that magic doesn't exist, Danger Mouse accidentally unleashes an evil magical queen into the world.
R31 31 30 Jun. 2016 Hail Hydrant Danger Mouse must battle a criminal organisation called Hydrant after finding out he has lost Agent Of The Month to Jeopardy Mouse.
R32 32 1 Jul. 2016 Wicked Leaks Penfold's addiction to social media helps the Baron turn all of DM's secrets against him in order for him to use Big Ben as a diamond-tipped drill to ball through the Earth for the tonnes of gold, in the Earth's core.
R33 33 4 Jul. 2016 Tomorrow Never Comes The Princess is back and erases all weekdays so she can play at the weekend forever! Danger Mouse must ruin everyone's lives by fixing the problem.
R34 34 5 Jul. 2016 Half the World is Enough When Danger Mouse is responsible for Professor Squawkencluck losing her job, his clumsy attempts to get her back help the Baron split the Earth in two.
R35 35 6 Jul. 2016 Send in the Clones The dynamic duo take on a shoddy army of knock-offs when Quark's latest money-making scheme is to create cheap copies of Danger Mouse and Penfold.
R36 36 7 Jul. 2016 Masters of the Twystyverse DM and Penfold travel to the Twystyverse in a bid to stop Penfold's evil counterpart, Baron Silas von Penfold, from taking over both versions of the Earth.
R37 37 3 Oct. 2016 Danger is Forever When the Baron speeds up the rotation of the Earth using windmills, DM and Penfold age 300 years and must take on their nemesis as very old individuals.
R38 38 4 Oct. 2016 Very Important Penfold When Penfold saves a celebrity from certain doom he becomes a media sensation. DM smells a rat, or at least some evil villainous hamster from another dimension.
R39 39 5 Oct. 2016 The Cute Shall Inherit the Earth The plucky rodent springs into action when cute kittens start infiltrating positions of authority in London.
R40 40 6 Oct. 2016 All 5 It The crimebusting rodent goes undercover as the fifth member of Quark's mega-popular boy band discovering his inner performer while Penfold discovers a musical plot to destroy the world.
R41 41 7 Oct. 2016 Dream Worrier DM takes on Quark again, but this time in his strangest setting yet: Penfold's dreams!
R42 42 10 Oct. 2016 The Confidence Trick Danger Mouse's confidence takes a hit when the Baron accidentally steals it and invigorates his shy daughter, Delilah von Greenback, to create a criminal mastermind! But unfortunately, his plans backfire when she wants to become an evil mastermind herself! Can "The Scrapbook of Momentous Mouse Moments" help DM find it within himself to fight back, or will Delilah make her own planet of planets, called "Delilahiana".
R43 43 11 Oct. 2016 The Spy Who Came In With A Cold Greenback unleashes a new strain of elephant flu upon the world! Will Penfold's immunity to the virus save the day?
R44 44 12 Oct. 2016 Sir Danger de Mouse The Queen of Weevils returns and convinces DM he's a medieval knight in order to escape from a secure prison - can Penfold break the spell and prevent London becoming a medieval city?
R45 45 13 Oct. 2016 The Duckula Show Danger Mouse faces the prospect of being written out of his own show, after Count Duckula kidnaps the writers and forces them to make him the star.
R46 46 14 Oct. 2016 Agent 58 It's Crimicon - the Annual Criminal World Convention - and DM and Penfold are joined by a brand new secret agent, named Agent 58, to stop Isambard King Kong Brunel from selling a potentially catastrophic custard bomb doomsday weapon. But, unfortunately for them, he's sold it to Baron von Greenback!
R47 47 17 Oct. 2016 Thanks A Minion Stiletto plots to destroy the world with robot termites, if he doesn't get the Best Minion Award at the Sidekickie Awards, and DM gets overly enthusiastic for Penfold to win the Best Sidekick Award.
R48 48 18 Oct. 2016 High School Inedible DM and Penfold go back to school to thwart the plans of an evil food scientist, named Professor Ham Hands and his killer hot dogs. Also, Danger Mouse needs to pass his final science test or his spy license will be revoked.
R49 49 19 Oct. 2016 Mousefall Danger Mouse encounters his toughest challenge of the series as maniacal trillionaire Augustus P. Crumhorn IV, known as Crumhorn, his last name, releases every enemy DM has ever battled. Once all the villains are defeated, except for the Princess, he and Penfold go after her and DM fights Crumhorn. While fighting Crumhorn, he gets zapped by guns and lazers. Has the world's greatest secret agent survived this epic battle with Crumhorn and been buried under the rubble, or is this the end of Danger Mouse as we know it?
R50 50 20 Oct. 2016 Mouse Rise Penfold and Crumhorn find out that Danger Mouse is still alive, but is lost in a jungle. Penfold sets out to rescue him while Crumhorn is set on destroying him. When they arrive, they find out that DM has amnesia and can't remember anything so he can't stop Crumhorn leaving the rest of the agency to stop him. Can Penfold, Professor Squawkencluck and Colonel K stop Crumhorn, will DM get his memory back or will Crumhorn take over the world?
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