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Episode Number (Series) Episode Number (Season) Original Airdate Episode Title Notes
R51 01 14 Jun. 2017 Dark Dawn The Princess becomes a teenager, known as Dark Dawn, and she forgets about Mr. Snuggles, who turns all the teddies in the world, including Penfold's teddy bear, Bernard, evil that can help him attack the world, due to Dawn's changes as a teenager.
R52 02 14 Jun. 2017 The Admirable Penfold Penfold and Baron Von Greenback are forced to ally when they get stranded on an island.
R53 03 4 Sep. 2017 Colonel Danger Mouse When Colonel K goes on holiday, Danger Mouse steps in. However, he can't handle the paperwork, do the missions himself or control the agents. Worse, Colonel K has been kidnapped by Baron von Greenback!
R54 04 5 Sep. 2017 Ernest Penfold and the Half Price Wand Envious at Danger Mouse's ever-growing medal collection, Penfold falls under the spell of Quark's latest money-making scheme.
R55 05 6 Sep. 2017 Squawkenbard Kingcluck Brunel Professor Squawkencluck's body swap with Kingkong Brunel has dire consequences at the annual science convention.
R56 06 7 Sep. 2017 Live and Let Cry Danger Mouse leads the Danger Babies astray after he tells them a story that he, Penfold, Professor Squawkencluck and Colonel K are all villains in disguise.
R57 07 8 Sep. 2017 Lost Tempers in Space Danger Mouse and Jeopardy Mouse are on a mission in space - will they work together as a team?
R58 08 11 Sep. 2017 The Toad Who Would Be King The Baron's love for The Queen of Great Goldlandia threatens to bring Danger Mouse to his knees when the Baron becomes king and DM becomes his personal bodyguard!
R59 09 12 Sep. 2017 I Believe in Danger Mouse The cult of cats from "The Cute Shall Inherit the Earth" adopt Danger Mouse as their leader.
R60 10 13 Sep. 2017 Thanksgiving Sinner Danger Mouse and Penfold get a taste of Thanksgiving when they join Jeopardy Mouse in America. When in America with Jeopardy, they discover that Professor Ham Hands has joined Hydrant.
R61 11 14 Sep. 2017 Big Trouble in Little Clowntown Professor Squawkencluck's seriousizer is nabbed by Pompom, the fun and laughter-hating president of the clown planet of Bozoria.
R62 12 15 Sep. 2017 Quantum of Rudeness The 'ping' of a microwave causes Danger Mouse to blast a hole in the wall of Squawkencluck's laboratory.
R63 13 18 Sep. 2017 A Loo to A Kill During filming for a film adaptation of the events of "Planet of the Toilets", Colonel K and Professor Squawkencluck are zapped and turned into toilets.
R64 14 19 Sep, 2017 Roll of the Mice Ian, the Danger Fan, traps Danger Mouse and Jeopardy in an interactive board game, and forces Penfold to play for his friends' lives.
R65 15 20 Sep, 2017 Gold Flinger Danger Mouse's addiction to challenges threatens the world when Quark tricks him into transporting a ticking timebomb back to Earth.
R66 16 21 Sep. 2017 There's Something About Scarlet When Penfold scores a date with superstar Scarlett Johamster, Danger Mouse and the Professor provide conflicting advice.
R67 17 22 Sep. 2017 Groundmouse Day Penfold must repeat the same day over and over again to stop a time-altering Duckula from framing DM.
R68 18 25 Sep. 2017 Dry Hard A late night scary movie makes Penfold even extra jittery, forcing Danger Mouse to make his sidekick sit out the latest mission which is to stop the Baron from flooding the world.
R69 19 26 Sep. 2017 Day of the Derek A geeky descendant, named Derek Mullard, travels back in time to try to stop Danger Mouse from destroying the world.
R70 20 27 Sep. 2017 Crumfan Danger Mouse and Penfold arrive at the UN to scenes of quarrelling diplomats, caused by a sabotaged translation system.
R71 21 28 Sep. 2017 Nero Come Home Danger Mouse and Squawk discover the Baron's plans to brainwash the world's pets into becoming his personal army of slaves.
R72 22 29 Sep. 2017 Dark Side of the Mouse Crumhorn is back! Danger Mouse has released him by mistake! He, now, uses a ray that controls people and gets Ivana the Invisible, Megahurtz, Rocket Sloth and Baron von Greenback to help him defeat Crumhorn. But is DM starting to turn villainous in the process?
R73 23 31 Oct. 2017 The Scare Mouse Project Danger Mouse learns the meaning of fear when he meets a hair-raisingly spooky villain!
R74 24 15 Dec. 2017 Yule Only Watch Twice Whilst driving, the lights go out and the Danger Car disappears. When the lights come back on, DM and Penfold discover that they're on "The Jimmy Camel Show", which looks back at the pairs actions from the past two series, but Penfold is suspicious.
R75 25 17 Sep. 2018 Twysted Sister Professor Squawkencluck is hit by her own age-reversing balm and Danger Mouse finds he much prefers her younger, more carefree self. But things get out of hand when she gets her feathered hands on Twystymatter from the Twystyverse.
R76 26 18 Sep. 2018 Grand Stressed Auto The Mark 4 Danger Car has been jammed and so have all the other Danger vehicles, except for the good old Mark 3. While the car is thrilled to be back in action with Danger Mouse, Penfold gets the feeling it doesn't like him.
R77 27 19 Sep. 2018 Clash of the Odd-esey Arriving in Ancient Greece with King Kong Brunel's Time Machine, Danger Mouse befriends Zeus of Olympus and gains godlike powers.
R78 28 20 Sep. 2018 Hen-emy of the State Professor Squawkencluck quits the Danger Agency to work with her idol, Elon Musktrat, leaving Danger Mouse without any gadgets.
R79 29 21 Sep. 2018 For your Insides Only Danger Mouse has developed an allergy to his own heroism. Penfold is shrunk to microscopic size and injected into DM's bloodstream to find his inner coward.
R80 30 24 Sep. 2018 A Fistful of Penfolds In Penfold City, Professor Squawkencluck's secret testing ground is a western town filled with Penbots, new 'Tenfolds' are being developed to become better sidekicks than the original Penfold.
R81 31 25 Sep. 2018 Daylight Savings Crime First noisy landmarks are being targeted by an unknown villain, then daylight itself. So Colonel K. tells DM and P to team up with the Night Shift: Danger Mole and Danger Moth.
R82 32 26 Sep. 2018 The Law of Beverages When all of the world's favorite drinks are stolen, the population becomes too fatigued to act upon it. Except of course, for Danger Mouse.
R83 33 27 Sep. 2018 Licence to Care As usual, Danger Mouse has forgotten to remember Penfold's birthday. So Professor Squawkencluck sprays DM with her new experimental empathy gas to make him feel more caring to others.
R84 34 28 Sep. 2018 Force of Nature DM is forced to take a holiday owing to his obsession with gadgets. Delilah von Greenback is sent into the same woodland retreat by her father because to get over her obsession with social media.
R85 35 1 Oct. 2018 No More Mr Ice Guy Tired of losing, the Snowman gets himself a Mech suit and becomes Danger Mouse's new sidekick. Out of a job, Penfold finds work at J. Woolington Sham's Tea Room.
R86 36 2 Oct. 2018 Bot Battles Penfold has been pilfering lab material in secret to build a robot for a secret Robot Fight Club. When Danger Mouse finds out, he decides to help out and builds his own CRM-3000.
R87 37 3 Oct. 2018 Rodent Recall When DM and Penfold awake from a Holodeck simulation gone awry, they find they've been stuck inside for 3 years and are actually IT workers instead of Danger Agents.
R88 38 31 Oct. 2018 A Fear to Remember It's Halloween and everybody is being scared stiff by their greatest fears. Except for Danger Mouse, who doesn't know the meaning of the word and possibly Penfold, if he dares to take Professor Squawkencluck experimental bravery serum.
R89 39 17 Dec. 2018 Melted Dawn re-enacts her favorite movie musical, 'Melted' and Danger Mouse has to play along or the world will go under thanks to global warming.
R90 40 18 Feb. 2019 We Aren't Family The Danger agents go undercover disguised as a family to find out why the world's villains are heading to one holiday camp. When Baron Greenback shows up, the team are convinced he's up to no good, but can't find any evidence of wrongdoing.
R91 41 19 Feb. 2019 Crouching Hamster, Hidden Wagon Penfold is summoned by his Granny to help retrieve the stolen book of Farm Fu.
R92 42 20 Feb. 2019 Danger-thon! The Danger agents hold a telethon to raise funds for HQ.
R93 43 21 Feb. 2019 Jam Session A jam spillage in the professor's experiment brings a sticky surprise to life.
R94 44 25 Feb. 2019 Sharp as a pin On their way to pick up Penfold's cousin Pinfold from New Zealand at the airport, Colonel K. informs DM that Birch Badboy is vandalizing statues all over the world.
R95 45 26 Feb. 2019 The Last Giraffe Warrior Penfold achieves the highest score ever on his 'Giraffe Warriors' game and is elected to save the Giraffe Warrior planet from destruction.
R96 46 27 Feb. 2019 Duplicate Mouse Squawkencluck's new Warp Drive was designed to move Danger HQ but it creates an exact duplicate instead. And that includes replica's of everybody inside of it.
R97 47 28 Feb. 2019 The Supies It's the night of the annual Supie Awards, which are just an excuse for Danger Mouse to pick up all the prizes in between lots and lots of old clips.
R98 48 4 Mar. 2019 Lost in Exaggeration The public is losing interest in the Danger Agency, so Colonel K hires Quark to handle public relations.
R99 49 5 Mar. 2019 The World is Full of Stuff Stuff has gone missing all over the world and taken to a giant sofa shaped spaceship. Squawkencluck tries out her new Futuroid Camera which takes photos of the future.