Episode Number (Series)Episode Number (Season)Original AirdateEpisode TitleNotes
R510114 Jun. 2017Dark DawnThe Princess becomes a teenager, known as Dark Dawn, and she forgets about Mr. Snuggles, who turns all the teddies in the world, including Penfold's teddy bear, Bernard, evil that can help him attack the world, due to Dawn's changes as a teenager.
R520214 Jun. 2017The Admirable PenfoldPenfold and Baron von Greenback are forced to ally when they get stranded on an island.
R53034 Sep. 2017Colonel Danger MouseWhen Colonel K goes on holiday, Danger Mouse steps in. However, he can't handle the paperwork, do the missions himself or control the agents. Worse, Colonel K has been kidnapped by Baron von Greenback!
R54045 Sep. 2017Ernest Penfold and the Half Price WandEnvious at Danger Mouse's ever-growing medal collection, Penfold falls under the spell of Quark's latest money-making scheme.
R55056 Sep. 2017Squawkenbard Kingcluck BrunelProfessor Squawkencluck's body swap with Kingkong Brunel has dire consequences at the annual science convention.
R56067 Sep. 2017Live and Let CryDanger Mouse leads the Danger Babies astray after he tells them a story that he, Penfold, Professor Squawkencluck and Colonel K are all villains in disguise.
R57078 Sep. 2017Lost Tempers in SpaceDanger Mouse and Jeopardy Mouse are on a mission in space - will they work together as a team?
R580811 Sep. 2017The Toad Who Would Be KingThe Baron's love for The Queen of Great Goldlandia threatens to bring Danger Mouse to his knees when the Baron becomes king and DM becomes his personal bodyguard!
R590912 Sep. 2017I Believe In Danger MouseThe cult of cats from "The Cute Shall Inherit the Earth" adopt Danger Mouse as their leader.
R601013 Sep. 2017Thanksgiving SinnerDanger Mouse and Penfold get a taste of Thanksgiving when they join Jeopardy Mouse in America. When in America with Jeopardy, they discover that Professor Ham Hands has joined Hydrant.
R611114 Sep. 2017Big Trouble in Little ClowntownProfessor Squawkencluck's seriousizer is nabbed by Pompom, the fun and laughter-hating president of the clown planet of Bozoria.
R621215 Sep. 2017Quantum of RudenessThe 'ping' of a microwave causes Danger Mouse to blast a hole in the wall of Squawkencluck's laboratory.
R631318 Sep. 2017A Loo To A KillDuring filming for a film adaptation of the events of "Planet of the Toilets", Colonel K and Professor Squawkencluck are zapped and turned into toilets.
R641419 Sep, 2017Roll of the MiceIan, the Danger Fan, traps Danger Mouse and Jeopardy in an interactive board game, and forces Penfold to play for his friends' lives.
R651520 Sep, 2017Gold FingerDanger Mouse's addiction to challenges threatens the world when Quark tricks him into transporting a ticking timebomb back to Earth.
R661621 Sep. 2017There's Something About ScarlettWhen Penfold scores a date with superstar Scarlett Johamster, Danger Mouse and the Professor provide conflicting advice.
R671722 Sep. 2017Groundmouse DayPenfold must repeat the same day over and over again to stop a time-altering Duckula from framing DM.
R681825 Sep. 2017Dry HardA late night scary movie makes Penfold even extra jittery, forcing Danger Mouse to make his sidekick sit out the latest mission which is to stop the Baron from flooding the world.
R691926 Sep. 2017Day of the DerekA geeky descendant, named Derek Mollard, travels back in time to try to stop Danger Mouse from destroying the world.
R702027 Sep. 2017CrumfanDanger Mouse and Penfold arrive at the UN to scenes of quarrelling diplomats, caused by a sabotaged translation system.
R712128 Sep. 2017Nero Comes HomeDanger Mouse and Squawk discover the Baron's plans to brainwash the world's pets into becoming his personal army of slaves.
R722229 Sep. 2017Dark Side of the MouseCrumhorn is back! Danger Mouse has released him by mistake! He, now, uses a ray that controls people and gets Ivana the Invisible, Megahurtz, Rocket Sloth and Baron von Greenback to help him defeat Crumhorn. But is DM starting to turn villainous in the process?
R732331 Oct. 2017The Scare Mouse ProjectDanger Mouse learns the meaning of fear when he meets a hair-raisingly spooky villain!
R742415 Dec. 2017Yule Only Watch TwiceWhilst driving, the lights go out and the Danger Car disappears. When the lights come back on, DM and Penfold discover that they're on "The Jimmy Camel Show", which looks back at the pairs actions from the past two series, but Penfold is suspicious.