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Original Airdate Episode Title Notes
12014 Jan. 1982Custard

The world is swimming in custard after Greenback booby traps every tin of it to explode. Danger Mouse decides to seek out the only being in the universe that can help: the Custard Mite of Glut.

130211 Jan. 1982Close Encounters of the Absurd KindPenfold is practicing Kung-Moggie when he and, more importantly, Danger Mouse are send to Eaves Drop Island (near the Bermuda Triangle) to safeguard the Big Ear tracking station from Baron Greenback. Once there, they are abducted by aliens and probed by Dr. Zock. However, DM refuses to believe Zock is nothing more than Greenback wearing a silly purple mask.
140318 Jan. 1982The DuelDanger Mouse is challenged to five tests of strengths of wit by Baron Greenback. If DM wins, Greenback promises to abandon his life of crime. If the Baron wins, the white wonder has to give up crime fighting.
150425 Jan. 1982The Day of the SudsAll over London, washing machines are breaking out of homes, laundrettes, warehouse and washing machine factories thanks to toad voice responder units build into them by the evil Baron Silas Greenback, who orders them to destroy Danger Mouse. DM counters by using a giant magnet against the machine, but does not count on the soap fuel's evolution into a hideous mutated sud monster.
16051 Feb. 1982The Bad Luck Eye of the Little Yellow GodBaron Silas Greenback has stolen The Bad Luck Eye of the Little Yellow God from a remote mountain tribe in Brasil and uses it to harness a laser with which to zap innocent bystanders into having bad luck. Dangermouse and Penfold are unlucky enough to recover the jewel, but have great misfortune trying to return it from whence it came.
17068 Feb. 1982The Four Tasks of Danger MousePenfold has been kidnapped by Baron Greenback, who forces Dangermouse to gather together four ingredients of an ancient spell for creating an invincible monster. They are: four hairs from a Yeti, a twig from a Witches Broom, a piece of the dreaded Fog Monster of Old London Town and two feathers from a vampire duck. In the middle of all this, another mission comes up, this one to buy a washing machine on sale for the PM's missus.
(This the first episode to feature Count Duckula)