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Original Airdate Episode Title Notes
23013 Jan. 1983The Wild, Wild Goose ChaseHaving just missed catching Baron Greenback in Tokyo, Danger Mouse gets hold of the villain's digital hideout locator (disguised as a book). Using this device, DM and Penfold take a tour of the Baron's various hideouts hidden all around the world.
240210 Jan. 1983The Return of Count DuckulaGreenback has persuaded Count Duckula to visit London. Desperate for a TV show of his own, Duckula infects the entire government with his own showbiz sickness so they will agree to his every demand. After capturing Danger Mouse and Penfold, the evil vampire duck subjects them to the absolute worst comedy variety show ever to grace a theater stage. (Despite this, Duckula somehow managed to get his own cartoon series before the decade was over.)
250317 Jan. 1983Demons Aren't DullA Demon from the Fourth Dimension appears on Danger Mouse's doorstep to challenge the one-eyed white wonder to a duel. Before they can duke it out on the Demon's home turf however, the world's greatest secret agent is sidetracked or rather suckered into his own TV spectacular: 'This Was Your Life'.
260411 Apr. 1983150 Million Years LostProfessor Von Squakenkluck has invented a time machine, and accidentally sends Penfold back 150 Million Years into the past in place of a dinosaur egg. Danger Mouse follows in the Mark 12, after changing places with a Diplodocus.
270518 Apr. 1983The Planet of the CatsDM and Penfold have just retrieved a stolen secret fuel sample from Field Marchall Rommole. On their way back, the Mark 5 gets hit by an electric storm, Penfold is struck dumb and the two of them are shot into a distant future where Britain cats are the dominant species. Worse still, a distant relative of Baron Greenback rules the cats under the name of 'Big Leo'.
280625 Apr. 1983Four Heads Are Better Than TwoColonel K has had his people create robot duplicates of Danger Mouse and Penfold, so he can team the actual DM with Robot Penfold and vice versa, in order to be able to stop more crime at the same time. The real Danger Mouse and the fake Penfold are send to meet master of disguise Agent 57 at the Pinball Palace, where arch villain Baron Greenback is hatching a scheme to hypnotize the world by way of pinball machines.
29079 May 1983Tower of TerrorWhile climbing the rock of Gibraltar, Danger Mouse and Penfold spot Baron GB's Frog Head Flyer and follow it to New York. There, they enter the International Oddbods Inc, an agency which represents some of the world's greatest crack-pots.
300816 May 1983The Great Bone IdolBaron Greenback and Count Duckula have teamed up in a quest to find the Great Bone Idol, which has the power to control every dog in the world. Greenback plans to use it to take over the world and Duckula would get Australia. This is besides the fact that Duckula has to do all the work. DM and Penfold head for the Himalaya's to stop the villainous duck.
310923 May 1983Public Enemy No. 1Just when he's infiltrated Baron Greenbacks secret hideout, Danger Mouse loses his memory after a crash on the head. GB takes advantage of the situation by making DM believe he is the second greatest criminal mastermind in the world, the White Shadow. In this new guise, DM immediately goes off on a relentless crime spree, stealing from the rich and giving to the poor.

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