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Original Airdate Episode Title Notes
690113 Nov. 1986DM on the Orient ExpressWhile on holiday in Venice, DM and Penfold stumble upon a fiendish plot of Greenback's to raise buildings all over Europe and lure all tourists to his museum of Barry Mannilow album covers. Colonel K's office has arranged transport for them aboard the Orient Express, but Greenback has also charted the train for the Euro Master Crooks convention in Paris.
700220 Nov. 1986The Ultra Secret SecretGreenback seeks a truce with Danger Mouse to save the Earth from being attacked by an alien army. They agree to meet on Greenback's space station, but Danger Mouse and Penfold are unaware they are flying into a trap.
710327 Nov. 1986Duckula Meets FrankenstoatDr. Frankenstoat has constructed a fiendish device to make electric Vampoids infused with Count Duckula's personality. Danger Mouse infiltrates his castle intend on destroying the machine, but Penfold pushes the start button, releasing a flock of bats.
72044 Dec. 1986Where There's a Well There's a WayDM and Penfold have to locate Merlin's fabled inkwell, for the finder will be granted a single spell. One wish at the toss of a coin will to to thee, so it must not go to Copperconk Cassidy.
730511 Dec. 1986All Fall DownTop secret blueprints for a world shattering device have been stolen from Puttinghamdown Research Station by Mac the Fork. He teams up with Dudley Poyson to build it as Danger Mouse and Penfold race to Glasgow to stop them.
740618 Dec. 1986Turn of the TideLondon has been flooded. Indeed, all the sea and land on Earth have swapped places. It appears to be because the moon's gravitational pull has gone haywire, so DM and Penfold head up into outer space.

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