Tyrannotour-bus Rex is a tour bus and a dinosaur hybrid created by Isambard King Kong Brunel. The failed experiment now spends his day on Ismbard's island along with Frankenstein's Rooster and his creator.

Physical Appearance Edit

Tyrannotour-bus Rex is a combination of a tour bus and tyrannosaurs rex, hence has the body of a dinosaur and the head of a tour bus with wheels for feet.

Bio Edit

Tyrannotour-bus Rex was created by none other than Isambard King Kong Brunel, though for what reason isn't known, as it's never been stated but one could assume it was for transportation purposes. He was found at Brunel's island by an enlarged Penfold in Big Penfold and made quick friends with him, though it was shown in the same episode that Trannotour-bus Rex holds some negative feelings towards his creator. Though in his second appearance he attacks Danger Mouse and Stiletto without hesitation, implying he might just be aggressive in nature.

Appearances Edit

  • Big Penfold
  • The Admirable Penfold

Trivia Edit

  • It's unknown how he eats, seeing as he doesn't have a mouth.
  • He use honks as his form of communicating.